I broke my left wrist and sprained my right playing TT.

It has been a tough month. I was going for a ball to my right when I moved my left foot but stepped on my right toe so my right foot couldn't move. The good news is that my foot work has improved a lot since I started posting here except for this one incident. The bad news is that I broke my left wrist. I landed on both wrists bit my left wrist got the worst of it. I did this on a Saturday but didn't know I had broken my left wrist until monday when I saw black, blue and yellow marks around my wrist.

changes to tenergy05.com

It is quite clear that the administrator of this site tenergy05.com barely plays table tennis anymore. As a result, there have been few posters contributing to the site. If you are new and interested in commenting or blogging on the site you are welcome but to stop the spam bots etc. contact John Bozi on youtube and then I will give you access to the site.

Sorry about this but there has been a lot of automated bots registering.

played twice in 7 months & ebikes

Crazy! Rode out on my electric bike to BTTA first time to play table tennis. Peddled hard as wasn't sure if I could recharge the battery there or not. Turns out I could so for the ride back I didn't have to peddle thank god as I was exhausted after playing table tennis.

I played 2 people there. First guy I only lost a couple of games out of maybe 10 so I was happy to keep my form against him. My forehand counter attacking topspin is by far the worst part of my game.


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