Blue Fire M2 Donic table tennis rubber review

Day 1 of using the new Blue Fire M2 Donic table tennis rubber will be short and shallow. I like the Blue Fire for sure for now. It doesn't jump out and play exactly as I want it though but I sense big potential.

I am using maximum thickness and on the first day it is back to back with an 8 month old tenergy 05 on my Nittaku Telion offensive blade.

First the rubber smells strong on chemicals and leaves a milky residue the same as new tenergy 05 that comes out of the sponge. Sure it is cool that it looks blue and is porous as you already know.

I chose M2 because it is softer than M1 and M1 is suppose to be harder than tenergy 05. I felt it and tried to compare it to tenergy 64 and found it quite hard to distinguish which felt harder. I still felt M2 a fraction firmer than tenergy 64 and initially when hitting felt the ball hit into the blade a little more than on tenergy 05.

I have always loved my tenergy more after a week of play or at least 5 hours as I find it softens up the rubber, gets rid of the stiffness. So for now only having played on my robot comparing I find I fractionally like the tenergy 05 better for feeling as it feels "softer" in the stiffness sense, not in the "density" sense.

I felt that I could form a game around using blue fire but found there is adjustment. Bluefire for now seems to be rocketing higher and longer and doesn't seem as forgiving to taking balls.

Blue fire feels for now faster and less controllable. But take this with a grain of salt as my tenergy is much much older.

Day 2

I still notice a slight difference but it is becoming almost as if I am comparing the same rubber old and new.

I feel like my ability is getting so bad I shouldn't write a table tennis review. I am excited that this may well be the replacement finally for tenergy 05.

I still haven't played people with it but have spent a second day of complex robot routines constantly flipping between 05 and M2. I find I can almost 90% of the time play exactly the same stroke.

The best alternative for tenergy 05 is Blue Fire M2.... so far so good.

Day 3

Still using the same combination on the robot and all I can say is wow. I think I have finally found an alternative to tenergy 05. There is almost no adjusting at all to differences, making me a very happy table tennis player.

I look forward to trialling this against a real player but I see no reason to say that there will be anything to note but it plays the same as tenergy 05.

A couple of weeks

So it has now been many full extended play with blue fire. I find it heavy. On both sides. I can use it either side but when on both sides I can't loop the way I like as often as I like.

This forced me to go down two directions.

1. I put my old 05 and LP on my ishlion and played the best ever. I beat 3 A grade players that I hadn't beaten in a long time. I twiddle like crazy using mostly 05 if I could and LP to block shots when I didn't predict where the ball was going.

2. I kept bluefire m2 on forehand and pulled off the red m2 and stuck desto f3 on the backhand (not big slam) and I felt the weight was perfect.

The amount of control I had was insane most the time. A lot of adjusting but receiving serves was a million times easier on the backhand. Forehand loops are the fastest I can remember I have done them with bluefire m2.

I think I have settled now on a donic option and I don't want anymore trialling or comparing for the sake of it.

M2 forehand
F3 backhand
Tellion blade


Tenergy 05 Main choice of twiddle
LP OX red cheapest I can find (in my case milky way 955 I think)

Really I feel like writing about how well I played with the LP set up so will start a new post for that.

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