Butterfly Michael Maze offensive table tennis blade

The Michael Maze racket out by Butterfly is the one of the best looping blades because of the arylate carbon and its softer wood.

Michael Maze blade

Michael Maze used his own signature blade for more than 10 years at the top of his table tennis career.  There are rumours now that he may have moved to either a timo boll spirit or Jun Mizutani blade, because they are faster.  However, for most table tennis players the tiny fraction of reduced speed in the Michael Maze compared to the Timo Boll Spirit is welcome in terms of extra spin and the classic ideas of control.

Tenergy club has the Butterfly Michael Maze offensive blade in fl. = flared and st. straight currently only. Sorry but we don't have the butterfly table tennis blade m maze an handle. These take a few days to arrive to your door in Australia.  There is free shipping in Australia for all products with a minimum order of $150.

These are our last 2 blades.  Butterfly prices have gone up in the world so we will be looking at alternatives soon.  So hurry these cheap prices won't last long. 

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