Ma Long Timo Boll tournament of champions china 20th december 2009

 Boll was quoted before the match as saying that “Ma Long is the best player at the moment. It will be very important to receive his services well; I think this is the key point. If I receive well, I’ll have a chance.” 

Fourth-seeded Ma Long, who won over Olympic champion Ma Lin 4-2 to make the China vs Germany final clash, gave Boll no chance to fight back and lift the trophy with a 11-9, 11-9, 7-11, 11-9, 11-6 victory.

So yes got to watch Timo Boll playing Ma Long in the tournament of champions 20th December to see if he could have a chance.  I started typing wildly as the match was in progression: 

  • Just tuned in: score in the 4th game - games Ma 2 Boll 1
  • Ma chops because he is out of position and just can't get to his forehand loop drive because the ball is falling at a very wide angle all the way on his backhand corner near the net but Timo kills it bringing it to 5:1 to boll.   Next point Ma double fh loop (first one countered second one just too fast to get back) 
  • ma rips fh down the line lucky off the net 3:5, 4:5 Ma is catching up fast with another fh winner.  Before you know it it's 5:5 all as Boll goes for a big turn away from the table misses as he spins on the ground trying to get to his forehand with too much self belief.
  • 6:5 boll backhand shot rocks
  • boll misses a loop from an incoming heavy push
  • Ma gets an edge winner
  • 6:8 Boll is down, its tense boll pulls of a super bh graze ma counter fh flies high and long
  • great rally bolls bh over powered by ma's fh 9:7
  • what a great bh block by boll of a super powerful ma drive 9:8
  • backhand winner by ma cross court followed by Cho!
  • 10:8 9:10 ma misses a counter loop into the net
  • boll to serve ma goes to his bh boll leans to use his fh by mistake cramped and the ball goes long
  • 3 games to 1 Ma is looking too strong -  5th game starts
  • ma comes in fh winner looking to attack always seems very confident
  • and yet again same thing - 2:1 misses the 3rd attack
  • wins next point off of serve - boll gets next one with bh into ma's fh
  • ma turns fh winner cross court - Boll looks lost
  • ma looks like is on fire - another fh killer and boll calls time out at 5:2 to Ma
  •  ma misses a simple bh 5:3
  • boll opens incorectly floats off the end next boll miss counters then miss receives with fh
  • ma is killing him 9:3 Boll cant do anything now
  • 4:9 ma misreads serve 9:5 boll bh winner 9:6 another bh winner
  • Ma calls time out - comes back with a ma double bh winner
  • ma 10:6 fh counter winner! untouchable is taking home the money!

Ma Long from China is only 21 years old currently world no.2 won the final 4:1.  Boll some would say needed to take more initiative to have a chance against Ma's onslaught of attacks.  
It was still pretty close in parts: the first, the second and the fourth game were all won with 11 to 9 points by Ma Long.

Ma will probably ranked no.1 very soon.Ma Long uses tenergy 64 on his backhand

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