The most expensive table tennis bat $30000 US

Winners of the World vs China table tennis match scheduled for January 2010 in China will each be given a bat made of pure gold valued at 200,000 yuan (29,325 U.S. dollars).

German Tenergy club star Timo Boll

He will lead the World team against a Chinese team in Chengdu on Jan. 14.  All the revenues raised from ticket sales will be used to build sports facilities of the schools in the southwest Chinese province, which was hit by a devastating 8.0-magnitude earthquake last year.  

The Chinese Table Tennis Association will also for the first time present the Player of the Year award and the Coach of the Year award during the event.

costliest table tennis bat

This must be the costliest ping pong paddle ever.  Even if the most expensive ping pong paddle in the world was a real bat to be used you still wouldn't play very well with it.  You would just be so careful when you use it that you probably would play better with the cheapest table tennis bat in the world.  You can buy the cheapest paddle by clicking here.

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