ONLY HD high definition table tennis videos

best table tennis video on you tube hd

I have started a new channel to use mainly as a playlist compiler of the highest quality table tennis videos I can find on the net. The idea is that once I have enough people can help me vote the best to the start and regardless we can sit back and watch table tennis videos in super higher quality for free continuously without needing to do anything since they all keep playing one after the other. Let me know what you think of this idea and subscribe to the channel to show support of the idea and keep in touch.

On top of this I have created a new website where all table tennis uploaders can promote their table tennis youtube video for free.  

The reason Table Tennis videos (HD) is so important is because when you do a search on youtube with search options, you can choose the words HD as a parameter BUT a big big BUT there are many videos that youtube sees as HD and when you actually waste your time to click on them see that they are terrible quality.  I am not saying every video will be of super high quality because the internet streaming super high definition is not really there yet.  Having said that, the videos in this playlist will be as high definition as I can get.  They will not only be of the best players in the world.  I will also incorporate other level of players too as long as they are in HD, but most probably much further back on the playlist. this is the permalink

hope you enjoy and make sure you check back often as I add to the list daily, even if the first video is not new there are many in the list that are.  You can just click the forward button or the thumbnails that show up at the bottom of the screen.

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