ping pong forehand loop

Just got back from week 2 of fixtures for the summer mini season and should blog down my thoughts before they fade.

It was much better than just ping pong blocking as I seem to have started doing recently out of being unfit.  I was forcing myself to stay and counter loop everything just that little bit.  Of course the big shots were coming out such as my forehand loop and backhand loop, but I am noticing real change in my fitness.  After eating a small piece of lean steak and lots of green salad and yoghurt and lots of bike riding in the last couple of weeks I seem to have more agility stamina already!

I beat the two ladies that I should have beat but I beat them 3:0 usually it would be close but now I seem to be everywhere much quicker and forcing myself at the table more and taking the ball just that bit earlier is paying off.   I still had some far away defending rallies that I came  out more than 50% on aswell.

My real gauge is playing Ben at the end of the night though.  He was tired but that is no excuse as he is playing on fire these days no matter what, I really felt I got back to where I was against him tonight and actually was playing obviously better.  I was forcing myself to stay at the table and open up and not block which ever side the ball went to.

It feels so good to see some progress, I will keep going on with my diet and extra fitness training and recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their table tennis.  Table tennis skills are not enough!  You have to be as fit as possible to, to be quick enough to use those skills more often than not. 

I feel like I am moving much faster and people commented on that too.


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