Ruwn Filus, Is tenergy 05 a chopping rubber? ask the young German

Filus, Ruwen born 14.02.1988 in Bückeburg, Lower Saxony, Germany is 1.85 m and 80 kg.  

Ruwen's best Result were at the 2006 European Youth Champion

Chopping rubbers

Ruwin Filus uses Butterfly Rubber: Tenergy 05; Feint Long III on a  Timo Boll Spark blade (ALL; 5 Wood plies + 2 Arylate layers).

Many would say tenergy 05 is not a chopping rubber.  OK there may be easy chopping rubbers out there, with none of the catapult of tenergy 05, but when you get used to tenergy 05 it is one of the most scary chopping rubbers you can chop with.  The spin is incredible.  When you decide to not chop you can consistantly counter loop from a distance with ease and almost make you think that you don't need chopping rubbers ever again.

He used to use the  Butterfly Jonyer Hinoki (OFF; 5 Hinoki wood plies) blade with speed glued Butterfly Bryce as his forehand rubber for aggressive attacking and his backhand rubber was Butterfly Feint Long II which is a Defensive long pimpled rubber.   

Best Chop rubber

Even Choppers use the stuff, Ruwen chops and loops with it on his forehand and twiddles to produce some suprising shots. Unexpectedly breaking the rhythm with the long pimple on one side. In this video though you can Kuzmin, Fedor of Russia winning the match with Tenergy 64, Tenergy 64 both sides of Boll ALC (ST)

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