Timo Boll Spirit versus Michael Maze

There seems to be a lot of positive feedback on this site for the Timo Boll Spirit blade (and elsewhere on pretty much all other sites).  I use the Michael Maze.  The blades appear to be very similar in construction and materials, weight, thickness etc. but I hear they play a bit different.  In a prior link, Tenergy05 commented that the TBS was faster.  The Butterfly website indicates that the Maze is faster. 

Can those who have experience with both please comment on the specific differences you see between the two blades?  Would also love to know the wood layers and how the construction of these blades may affect play.  Lastly – this web sites indicates that an Anatomic Timo Boll spirit is available for purchase.  The Butterfly site indicates that only flared and straight is available.  Please confirm if Anatomic is really an option and if so what the thickness of the handle might be.

Thank you again.

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